INKy makes Triple Goat

Many congratulations to Steve G1INK, who made it to triple Mountain Goat status today after his activation of Birks Fell G/NP-031.

That’s quite some achievement Steve, well done mate.


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Also many congratulations from my side Steve.
Hope you took some pint´s to celebrate :wink:

Vy73 …-. .-. … - --… (on cw)

Well done Steve another achievement well earned.73 Don.G0RQL.

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Congratulations and well done Steve - thanks for all the Chaser Points you have given me and thanks again for introducing me to and getting me hooked on SOTA.
Graham G3OHC

Well done Steve, an amazing achievement. I found it very hard going to get to Mountain Goat so VERY impressed with your efforts. Thank you for all the summits.

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Hi Steve,mny congrats on 3xMG
tnx fer all the points.

73 de Geoff G4CPA

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I to would like to echo the sentiments from the previous posters

Many congratulations Steve on an amazing achievement, always a pleasure to work you



Congratulations on getting your triple mountain goat.
It is always nice to work you.

Jimmy M3EYP

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Hi Steve, Missed the big event today but many congratulations from Marjorie and I.
M3ulv & G6lkb

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Well said, Jimmy. Yes, it is always nice to work you, well done.


Brian G8ADD

Hi Steve,

many congratulations for reaching the triple Mountain Goat! And thank you for many QSO’s from the hills.


Congratulations Steve on your achievement

73 from Rick and Thomas

Always good signals from you Steve. A pleasure to contact you.



Hi Steve,

many congratulations for achiving triple Mountain Goat status yesterday. It´s always a pleasure to work you. Thank´s for all the chaser points.

I´m looking forward to hear you from the next summits.

73, Steffen

Good job, Steve. As I know you, you will soon have quadruple Mountain Goat.
It is always a special pleasure to have a QSO with you.

73, Milos S57D

A superb achievement Steve, both physically and mentally. It requires stamina to keep going and you obviously have plenty of that!

73, Gerald

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A big round of applause to you Sir, Well Done Steve, something for us all to aim for Hi Hi !!


Tony M6ADL

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Congratulations Steve,
Thanks for all the QSOs, points and WAB areas to boot!
73 Graham G4FUJ

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Many thanks for all the messages - I see that Robin GM7PKT is approaching quadruple goat and Harald DL2HSC has already achieved this.

Yes Steve,

Very well done for 3000 points. Your enthusiasm has been unstinting. There can only be one or two others with as much of it as you have and for so long.

Pity you can’t get a cert for this milestone and every 1000 henceforth. It takes so long for an activator to reach the levels of a chaser, yet each reward point is the same.

Give yourself a pat on the back Steve, you’ve earned it!

Enjoyed reading your short report on Birks & Fountains Fell; the latter I hope to do tomorrow.

73, John G4YSS.