Inkit monoband SSB transceiver for SOTA use?

Hi All,

I’m looking into setting myself up for HF SOTA working and, while an FT-817 seems the ideal choice, they are a bit beyond my funds. Looking around, I found an Easy Bitx mono band QRP SSB transceiver by Inkit It looks like an inexpensive way to get into HF. I wondered if anyone has used or had any experience of them and what were their thoughts?

Thank you.

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What about this?


Hi Lee,

I started my HF experience and SOTA activations with uBITX v3 back in 2018. uBITX is older brother of EasyBitx. My uBITX still works and I borrow it to new SOTA activators to start working on HF.

So these kits work and actually very well. As a starter kit is very good and I got 10-15W output on most bands with 12V battery and 14-18W with 16V battery. Operated only SSB although CW modulation is also available. I didn’t buy stock enclosure as it is bulky and heavy. I opted out for standard plastic box for homebrew projects.

On the minus side. There is no AGC or RF Gain control but this is easy mod to do.

If your budget can stretch few more $ than I would lookup mcHF QRP or its Chinese clones. On another side if you would like to save some $ checkout DL2MAN site for new (tr)uSDX kit.

Good luck and see you on the bands.


The (tr)uSDX has a number of group buys going on at the moment. I’ve got a set of boards coming that will be this years SOTA project. This is the first run so there may be a few niggles in there for the real design.

There are a lot of copies available already and these have far lower performance. DL2MAN has put a few videos on YouTube to compare.General advice is to avoid these


Thanks all. That TruSDX looks perfect for SOTA! Amazing for the cost. How do you get onto a group buy?

EDIT - Just found it!

Looks like Manuel DL2MAN the creator of the truSDX started an own forum:

There is a group buy section.


Just came across this:

You have to switch the language to see prices in Euro.
It can be build also as a 20m version. You can download a manual there.

But have no experience with it.