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Information, please

Summer caravan trip to South Coast coming up. Bognor from 2nd to 6th July, followed by Honiton from 7th to 11th. Hope to be able to activate a couple of the local P150 summits from each location.
Would appreciate info on any reliable local emporia where I may be able to get my 817 ‘opened’.
Any WAB squares wanted? just in case I can find a quiet spot to set up.
Mainly operating 80/40/20 ssb, but can take 2M and 70cm with me if wanted.
Hope to give a few points away.

73s de Dave, G6DTN (HF) and M0DFA (VHF and above)

In reply to M0DFA:
I dont know what vintage the 817 is Dave, if its a couple of years old or more, you may be able to broadband it with software. If not then its a solder job.

In reply to G1INK:

The original 817 firmware read the “solder blobs” configuration info on a hard reset and set the rig accordingly. If you opened it with software, it would stay in that configuration until given a hard reset. The newer 817 firmware reads the config. info on every power up. This means that if you open it with software and then cycle the power then the config. info is read again overwriting the software changes. Apparently this change was an FCC led request.

Modifying the blobs is easy if you have average dexterity and eyesight. 10 mins to strip the 817 and extract the front panel. 5 mins to solder the blobs, 10 mins to reassemble. The only problem is likely to be if you are completely inept and have a soldering iron bit that is big enough to brand cattle rather than work on electronics. If you have, then buy a decent iron (anyone saying Antex will get a smack) and practice. I’m sorry but if you can’t solder you’re not an amateur. (Age related and/or medically based dexterity and eyesight issues excepted of course.)

If you were local, I’d help you mod your 817. I’m sure there must be someone local who can help you without resorting to paying a dealer.


In reply to G1INK: It dates from about the time when the firmware was changed. Various serial numbers have been mentioned in another forum, but I couldn’t reach any conclusion. So far as a software change is concerned, I don’t understand whats going on (give it a couple of years and I’ll ask our grandson - he’ll understand (HI)), so I’d rather not do it.

In reply to MM0FMF: Thanks for your explanation about the difference.
I have a number of solder implements, ranging from a blowtorch that will do a good job on 35mm copper tube, through my father’s old 55 watt mains Solon to a temperature controlled item with several bits by ANTEX. (Yes ANTEX… repeat ANTEX. So what, in your opinion is wrong with ANTEX?
I’ve done quite a lot of soldering in the past, making my own pcbs and so on, but only with components you can see with the naked eye. My reason for not wanting to work on the 817 is lack of confidence and the cost of repair/replace if I mess (for the sake of propriety on this forum) it up. By the way, when you come down to smack me, please bring a bottle (or two) of Old Poultney liquer - can’t find any down here!

In reply to M0DFA:

I’ve just finished a bottle of that fine exilir of life. I’m surprised to hear you can’t get it as they sell it in ASDA up here.

Antex, well I had a Model C when I was 10 and moved on to a Model X25 when I was 15 and when I was 27 I bought a Weller TCP. This difference is stunning. The TCP is probably the industry standard workhorse iron. There’s all sorts of wierd and wonderful stuff for SMD work but fo the majority of jobs a TCP is the one with a PTaa-7 or 8 bit in it.

The blobs in the 817 aren’t tiny, probably about the size and spacing you’d have for through-hole mounted 1/8w resistors. You may want to unscrew the 817 and have a look before you completely dismiss the task in hand. You may be surprised.