Info for July reflector

Good morning Roy, Just wanted to say that I hit the 25K mark as a chaser on June 11th. It will be 3 years chasing in late August of this year. All QRP here and just a 44 ft. doublet at 25 ft. Wish I had a beam but that is not going to happen anytime soon. All the best ! 72 and 73 de Scotty KG3W

Scotty how QRP is your QRP, 5W?

If so, then it’s nice to know I have a few QRP<>QRP QSOs across the Atlantic. :slight_smile:

Hi Andy, 5 watts for CW and 10 or 12 for SSb. I have a plain Jane K3 . Wanted to get back into ham radio when I retired and the K3 had the best receiver for the money. 12 watts is the max it can put out. Got hooked on Sota . What a fine bunch of people. I can usually work them if I can hear them , but just have to let the big 100 watt and beam stations go first. Hi. Also built an MTR V2 last year and use it to chase and activate my local hill; W3/ ER-001 : once in a while. It puts out 4 watts and the receiver is great on 30 and 20. A little weak on 17 though.

Hello Scotty

Input for SOTA News should be sent to your country SOTA News reporter by the 25th of the month. (See last page of part 2). It will then be included with all other achievements and forwarded to me for publication on the last day of the month.

The July news has already been published but I have inserted your input at the end of the report from North America and hope to hear from you again in the near future.
SOTA News editor

3 years and 25k Sloth

That,s quiet impressive.
Am approaching my first year in Sota-ing and me first Sota Contact on 11th Sept 2014.

Be interesting see on what level I reach by then as this side only on 10w the G5RV to begin with and now the home brew 40M full wave loop but in SSB mode only.

Goes to prove one thing don’t it certainly is addictive.

Karl 73s