INFO - DM/BW-10 and BW-22 at Saturday

Hi all,
if the heavy storm comes at saturday i will cancel my activation then.
i´m sure in the black-forest at saturday to visit another OM, so watch spotlite-message from me if activation starts or not. snow or cold-wx is no problem, but when its also stormy…bbbrrrrrrr ;-), and on the two hills is deep forest, so it´s not safe by storm !

vy 73 Klaus

and in this activations i use the contest - style :wink: , but have also a short QRS-window at the end …sure !

Hi Klaus,

tnx for the info.

Yes, wx-forecast doesnt looks to good for the weekend.
Actualy in my qth we have rain and heavy wind.
Take care of the old (sick) trees in the black forest
and wait for safer wx.

Vy73 GL de Fritz

In reply to DL4FDM:

hi all,
sorry but i cancel my activities tmrw on BW-10 and BW-22. the way to drive is to far in this winter-conds. the route going abt. 2 hours trough the black-forest . thats a minimum of 400km . thats good for summer, but nothing for driving in winter, because tonight we become many new snow says wx-forecast.

so i will activate a local summit for the second or third time this year, and hope chasers not only searching for uniques ;-)) local summits are from 800 to 1000m asl. and so theres not too much snow i hope :wink:

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN