Incorrect summit reference G/WB-005 01/07.23 08:51 to 09:22 UTC

Hi All,

It appears it’s my turn to sit on the “incorrect summit reference” naughty step. On Saturday 1st July 2023, I activated G/WB-006 but I incorrectly spotted that I was on G/WB-005. It took me 1/2 hour to realise my mistake, by which time I had accumulated 26 QSOs and 7 S2Ss.

Here’s the list of QSOs which were effected.

08:51 14.340MHz EC2AG
08:57 14.300MHz CT2HOV/P
09:02 14.17MHz HB9HAT/P
09:04 14.214MHz IK2LEY/P
09:07 14.285MHz S57ILF
09:08 14.285MHz DL2HWI
09:09 14.285MHz IN3ADF/P
09:09 14.285MHz ON6AN
09:10 14.285MHz F4JKY
09:10 14.285MHz F6FTB
09:11 14.285MHz CT2GSN/P
09:12 14.285MHz OZ/LB5JJ
09:12 14.285MHz 9A1AA
09:13 14.285MHz IU3GKJ
09:13 14.285MHz SP6KEP
09:14 14.285MHz I0KHY
09:15 14.285MHz EA2DT
09:15 14.285MHz OH3GZ
09:16 14.285MHz OE5HDN
09:16 14.285MHz HB9AGH
09:17 14.285MHz SV3IEG
09:17 14.285MHz EA2DDG
09:18 14.285MHz LZ1WF
09:18 14.285MHz DL4YAR
09:19 14.285MHz EA6/M0DLL
09:22 14.285MHz EA3EVL

Apologies to all. Next activation I will remember my glasses - if I can remember where I put them…




Phew, I can go and sit down again now!



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