Incorrect summit Ref spot today

Thanks to all those who called me today. I noticed when I got home that there was a couple of spots via RBN that had me down on GW/NW-051.

I was only on GW/NW-044, I had planned on activating NW-051 but was held up enroute and only had time for NW-044. Apologies, I should have deleted my second alert earlier.

My new QCX radio and matching amp worked well, although I think I need to set up the radio’s AGC a bit better.

I managed 33 contacts including 3 S2S before my fingers and toes got too cold.
Roger MW0IDX


That looks cold!

The QRP Labs 50W PA are good, I have one built into my QCX+ which works well although I haven’t got around to fitting the AGC modification yet.

I managed to blow another up and the QCX Mini it was attached to during final commissioning which was a lessoned learned - don’t interrupt the power supply while transmitting!

The only downside is it doesn’t work on 12 volts and needs a custom battery pack, but otherwise it’s a good product at the price.


Yes, very cold! I’m pleased with the QRP Labs amp, especially as it worked, first time :wink:
I was using a LifeP04 4s with a voltage upconverter to bring the voltage for the amp up to 20v. Seemed to work OK and was showing about 35 watts output.

I’m very tempted to get a QCX mini for 30m, I’m still hoping the QSX will be available one day.