Incorrect Spot for KX0R

KX0R was incorrectly spotted today 19 Oct 2018, on the wrong summit, but only the spot for 18 MHz CW is incorrect. The incorrect spot lists the summit as W0C/SP-102. The correct summit is W0C/FR-061.

I only activated W0C/FR-061 on 19 Oct 2018.

Earlier I posted two alerts for other summits, and then changed my mind, because of new snow falling the previous night. I found that it was not possible to delete or edit the incorrect alerts, because of work being done on the website, so I posted a new, correct alert for W0C/FR-061. The RBN Hole picked this up perfectly for three bands I used, but it chose the second incorrect alert when I went to 18 MHz.

All logs for KX0R for 19 Oct 2018 should be for W0C/FR-061.

I still had to hike in some snow, but the summit was dry, sunny, and calm, and it was a stunning Indian Summer day!



Thanks for the info George,
I see now that I logged you with the correct summit reference.
It was a joy when I managed to chase you yesterday from my rental appartment running 50 watts into my endfed wire in the balcony and the IC-706 working in remote configuration with the radio in the shack in a corner of the bedroom and myself with the control front pannel in the hall about 10m away of the shack.

This is the remote control side while Iā€™m testing the remote configuration these days:

It looks like conditions are getting better as I also had the pleasure to chase you twice on the 16th from my village QTH with the TH5-DX yagi and the TL-922 Amp for the 20m band chase and just my inverted vee Broadband folded dipole and about 100 watts from my TS-940S for the 17m chase.
Your signals were better on 17m than on 20m that day.

Thanks again for all your many activations and our many QSOs.



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