Incorrect reference recorded by a chase but no email address

Yesterday I activated G/NP-005. I see in the database that one of my chasers logged the contact against F/AM-677. Normally I find their email address on but he doesn’t have one listed. I could post here and hope he sees it but it seems a bit mean doing this publicly. Any suggestions on what to do? Or is just not worth worrying about these occasional errors?

You can PM him on here Richard. Just enter his call in the search box.

Never thought of PM! Message sent. I see he is not active on the reflector but at least he has an account so presumably he will get an email.

I’ve had a reply and he has corrected the mistake. He managed to mix up two references while chasing SOTA and his two grandchildren at the same time!


Hello there…
I have to thank Richard for warning me of my logging error.
At that time, I had two grandchildren running over me, one of them trying to change frequency and the youngest hell-bent on doing CW.
I believe that, in these circumstances, it is convenient to turn off and dedicate ourselves to attending them.
Many thanks to all the activators
Jaime, ea4boc