Incorrect Ref for W7/DL6AP/P Sunday?

Spotted as W7A/NA-018 at 1554z but I copied W7A/AE-018 at 1522z, and again after the spot in question. Andy’s email is not listed on so maybe he will reply here.

73, Bill W4ZV

In reply to W4ZV:

Never mind…Andy has posted his log and W7A/AE-018 is correct.

73, Bill

In reply to W4ZV:
What call is Andy posted under??? I can’t find him under DL???


In reply to VA6FUN:

Maybe he’s a member of the other German association… DM - Germany (Low Mountains) which is the next association in the drop down list?

If you still can’t find someone (worse when there are many associations EA, VK, W etc.) select All Associations and check again.


In reply to VA6FUN:
DL6AP is listed in the DM region.