Incorrect Database Log entries

Taking the point made by Les/G3VQO regarding incorrect database entries, I have checked mine.

I found 3 entries which I have now been able to achieve confirmations on, but have 3 others where I cannot locate the mistake.

I wonder if any other 7Mhz CW chaser could possibly check their entries and see if I have made silly typo errors.

13/10/07 1217 DL5DXS/P DM/SX-047
14/10/07 1029 DH8AX/P DM/TH-013
15/10/07 0758 DJ3AX/P DM/TH-830

Many thanks


In reply to G4CMQ:

13/10/07 1217 DL5DXS/P DM/SX-047
14/10/07 1029 DH8AX/P DM/TH-013
15/10/07 0758 DJ3AX/P DM/TH-830

If you view the activator logs online, you can see what they have put in for yourself:

DL5DXS/P has only submitted logs for:
12/Aug/2006 DM/SX-044
26/Aug/2006 DM/SX-190
27/Aug/2006 DM/SX-192

DH8DX on 14/Oct/2007 Summit:DM/TH-013 Shows:
10:29z G4CMQ 7MHz CW

DJ3AX/P on 15/Oct/2007 Summit: DM/TH-830 Shows:
07:58z GM4CMQ 7MHz CW

In reply to G4CMQ:

14/10/07 1029 DH8AX/P DM/TH-013

Should read dh8Dx

Also, make sure to fill the field “Callsign YOU used” (don’t know the exact reading) with the correct call, if you have been in a different area (DL/LX1NO/p, for instance, and not just LX1NO)

Most errors/complaints are callsign typos which may occur on both ends.

Always check the log of the activator first (click on “Show All QSOs” on top of the activated references list)

73 Norby

In reply to DH8DX/G0LGS/LX1NO:

Many thanks to Stewart, Norby and Dan for your helpful info. We SOTA newbies only learn slowly but obviously it is so very easy to enter the incorrect call or summit reference.

I am now down to 2 entries without confirmations.
13/10/07 DL5DXS/P Little I can do unil he submits his logs.
14/10/07 DH8AX/P now changed to DH8DX/P. Sorry Dan.
15/10/07 DJ3AX/P Need to get him to change my call from GM to G. His email is not listed on, so how can I contact him please?


In reply to DH8DX:

Many thanks Dan.

Best 73,s

In reply to G4CMQ + others
Just checked my database entries… On one of my activations, I’ve missed a /P off an S to S contact - probably a fairly common mistake… how do I correct this? It looks as if I’ll have to delete the whole activation, and reinput all QSOs… is there an easier way to fix this?

Appologies if it’s ben explained elsewhere…

Rob (G1TPO)

In reply to G1TPO:

You can download your database entries to disk, delete the erroneous bits on the database and then just upload what you need from the file you downloaded. Sounds harder than it is and you dont have to rekey any data.


In reply to MM0FMF:
Spot on !!!



In reply to DH8DX:

Thank you again Dan for getting Lutz/DJ3AX to change my call in his log for 15th October 2007 on DM/TH-830. My log is now back in synch with the exception of 13th October DL5DXS who has not submitted his activator log yet.

Best 73’s