IN3ECI/P today - probably invalid if you claimed it as a chaser

Unless someone knows otherwise I believe the activation spotted today as follows

Sun 11:26 IN3ECI/P on I/TN-320 14.300 ssb
Now on 14.300MHz (Posted by CT2JLS)

Sun 11:35 IN3ECI/P on I/TN-320 - [edit] 14.300 cw
Roen Mountain not SOTA - SOTA Italia? if so not valid! (Posted by G4OBK)

was not SOTA - the operator (who is not registered in the SOTA database) was giving out the summit name as Roen Mountain and not Catinaccio which is TN-320.

So if you know this activation is valid for SOTA please report in to the reflector. In the meantime I am not claiming the QSO.

73 Phil

Hi Phil,
I note that Roen Mountain (Mount Roen) is I/TN-342 and is about as far SW of Bozen as I/TN-320 is NE.
So it looks like a possible, simple mistake on the SOTA reference number.

As the activator was announcing Roen Mountain, I suspect he just got the SOTA reference wrong - as you (and others) made the contact and heard Mount Roen - I would suggest the contact is still valid?

By the way in this area of Italy (South-Tirol) it is common for mountains to have two names, one given by the local, German speaking, inhabitants and one given by the Italain government (the Italian name). This is not the misunderstanding here however. Both peaks exist in different places.


OK - I’m not that desperate for a few points so unless the operator declares his location properly either in QSO or on this reflector I won’t be claiming the QSO for SOTA, and I can’t be bothered e-mailing him - especially as he currently does not have a SOTA activator account which makes me suspect moreso that the contacts he made are likely invalid.

73 Phil

Well Phil if you cannot be bothered to email him …but it must have taken longer to put a post here… I have not been around on the radio recently and did not work or hear him.

I have done him the kindness of sending him an email drawing attention to this thread.

Night night

I worked him, too, I’m not desperate for points but I am collecting summits so I will probably email him myself tomorrow. I have to walk the dog soon!


good morning

sorry: im new into sota activation.
ROEN mountain appears to be valid: read here at the last position:

the only misunderstand was the reference. TN-342 instead TN-320. ( and 8 points instead 10, asking forgiveness )

next week im on TN-320 for real… ( i live in south tyrol, is only 30 min drive whit car)

It has been communicated to me a different reference and used what I thought was right.

I propose to hold for now the reference TN-320 for a few days till next sunday . the two peaks are not too far and I’ll use the same setup on Sunday. then surely those who contact me will certainly in the coming days.
QSL cards that ship you will have the correct referenceTN-342 and keep valid the QSO I’ve made with you.
think the only consequence will now have 8 points and 10 in 1-2 weeks instead of the opposite… nothing else…

sorry for the inconvenience.

Andrea IN3ECI

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Hello Andrea

Thank you very much for the clarification of your summit reference and the points, on what was a successful activation. I wish you well in SOTA!

73 es MNI DX OM

Phil G4OBK

Good morning.
Well done for popping in here and letting us know so things can be corrected. Plus welcome to Sota, Good is it not, have you been bitten by the Sota bug yet, I feel you have so. Look forwards to your next activation from the Italian summits What,s in a couple of points as long the correct information is more important.

Thanks again