In the spirit of things

As an eager chaser but sadly still a virgin activator I would like to join in the spirit of the bonus period and show the activators that I too am suffering for SOTA whilst still being prepared for every eventuality!
(tongue in cheek…)

  1. Clothing: The temperature in my shack is getting colder so I am now wearing two jumpers, two long sleeve tops and a T-shirt to keep warm. In case of a serious drop in temperature I keep a roll of kitchen foil by the radio.
  2. Supplies: I have invested in an insulated mug to keep my tea hot and a usb hotplate to put the mug on, thereby ensuring a continuous supply of hot fluids.
  3. Safety: Whilst climbing the stairs in my stairlift I ALWAYS carry a whistle in case of a breakdown/emergency.
  4. Extreme Chasing: I have considered following in Andy FMF’s footsteps by chasing only in a thong and flipflops. However the curtains in my shack have fallen down and I don’t want to scare the neighbours or get arrested. Also the xyl may not be able to contain herself…
    Surely in view of these difficult condition chasers should get a winter bonus too? :wink:

Seriously, I always look forward to the bonus season and have the modest aim of reaching double shack sloth before the end of the period. It is a pity chasers don’t get double too, but I am well aware why and agree wholeheartedly. The activators deserve their reward.
Have fun and please stay safe!

In reply to GW3BV:
Excellent Quentin. When I stop laughing I’ll wipe the tea off the keyboard and monitor.