In the Kingdom of Mountain Goats...

Today I made an activation (I/LO-192) in the Kingdom of “Mountain Goats”. Dozens watching me as I climbed slowly … A crazy heat at almost 1700 meters asl, about 32 degrees. Activation was fun with several S2S. My 3 meter compact light quad-band loaded vertical works well. I was dismantling everything to go down when I heard Juerg, HB9BIN / P call unanswered in 60 meters CW. How to connect him with a 3 meters long antenna? I remembered the 4-5 meters of wire I have in my backpack for emergency repairs: I threw the electric wire on the grass and connected it to the loading coil without lowering the antenna to make it fast… And he heard me for another S2S!.. Maybe the mountain goats inspired me …


Hi Fabio and well done.

Thanks also for chasing me on my two Italian activations over the last few days. I think we “left town” just in time and ahead of your monstrously hot weather. Stay cool.