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I'm so high, is this even legal?

I have just arrived home after a MASSIVE night on a summit for the VK/EU mission.

66 contacts, 18 s2s and about 8 new countries for me - Romania, Spain, UK, Bulgaria just to name a few. I will cut together the video and log shortly but still buzzing…all on 5w SSB

I have only just upgraded from VK1FWBD to VK1MIC which brings with it the ability to access 20m - I can see why its so fun :stuck_out_tongue:

A tough but rewarding 10-15min QSO with @2E0YYY just trying to exchange callsigns…

Thanks to all the chasers and fellow activators.

Video now ready: https://youtu.be/uCuuRY2ZSew



Youve done well :slight_smile:

couldnt have done it without you. A highlight was a dad and son on a ZL beach… no idea about sota… both operators were blown away with my 5w, there were equally blown away by the DX. MIght have some new operators for you…


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Congratulations…did call several times on your freq just in case but could not hear you. Next Time maybe.


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Well Done Wade! :fireworks:

(listened where you were spotted but too high a noise level to hear anything on my summit).

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Thanks Don, I really appreciate it! It was HARD going for the G calls… hopefully the video shows how hard Mike was to get.

Thanks!I think it was just begginers luck

Good result, well done, Wade.

The training we gave you paid off… haha.

You and VK1AD worked Mickey and I didn’t even hear him. In fact I don’t think i heard any G stations, despite looking on spotted frequencies.

better than it might have been. great support from VK, ZL, JA and all of Europe.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH


Schooled by the best, blessed by the bands

Congratulations - that’s impressive numbers and DX!
Mark, M0NOM

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Congrats, Wade, for your great results on your 1st time activating on 20m.
I copied you in my summit EA2/NV070 and you were coming very well. Shame that you were so busy with so much traffic over there, that I couldn’t make you copy my QRP tiny signals calling you.
Well, there will be other occasions for sure.
Enjoy the big satisfaction.


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We kept following you on the various frequencies you used - not a sound :-(. 20m was pretty dead for us here in OE…

We’ll try again!

73, Sylvia

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Many thanks for the s2s Wade! You did a brilliant job with your 5 Watts… Just nicked you on the sweet spot of a truly dreadful 20m band here in the UK. You probably couldn’t hear him, however, there was a VK7 station on 14.330 also, that’s why it was tricky contact.

BTW, you were part of something very special today…I’ll put a report up later…

73 Mike

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Many thanks from me also for the S2S Wade. The action certainly seemed to be very early on and I made the contact with you in the middle of it. It was the first HF contact made with my G8 call, which is usually reservd for 70cm and 23cm contacts, so I am thrilled that it was something really special. Congrats on what you have achieved. I was amazed that it was armchair copy with just your 5 watts.

73, Gerald G8CXK (aka G4OIG)


Many thanks Wade for the s2s, it was the first VK1 summit for me as well. A bit hard work but well worth it. Hope to catch you for some more

73, Csaba

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Congratulations for great job Wade, and thanks you very much for the QSO. At begin your signal were marginal and as you was in 14.330 I made I mistake with VK7JON, but soon you peaking 55 then, we confirmed a solid QSO! This morning it was worth sitting on the radio shack instead of my daily 6km walking… I did it later :grinning:
73s and see you in the next ones

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For my interest Wade, what antenna were you using?

73 Ed.

Congratulations. I know the thrill of an unexpected DX contact.

Looks like we in OE had no S2s DX luck on SSB as it seams this time.
Btw. a strong motivation to continue with CW… :open_mouth:

73 Joe

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Home brew linked dipole. Ends were suspended in trees rather than tied down. Still in inverted v but ends were 1.5-2m off the ground

Thanks so much. It wa also my first exposure to different callsign structures than the simple ones I am used to on 40 here. VK 0-9 or the ZL usuals. Half my calls tonight were “again”. “Again”. Or I have… but it was really fun. To work so many other operators. I really must give credit to @VK3ZPF for such an amazing logging app for use on summits. It was also his birthday. I snagged him as contact 58 on 40m before packing up.

I had only made 2 20m contacts prior to the summits. All locals :D.