If your doing digi modes this might interst you

W1HKJ and KH6TY and the team have released a new and updated version of FLdigi and FLarq today.
Fldigi has been updated to version 3.1
It will work in various operating systems like… Linux, Windows 2k, XP and Vista.
It now incorprates a built in log, with ADIF import/export. It also has contest features with basic contest macros already set. The log is also capable of contest logging. A useful user interface has been added which is easy to use.
Modes covered are PSK, QPSK (31 TO 250), MFSK, MT63, HELL, DOMINO, THOR, THROB, CW, OLIVIA.
Rig control for all the major radios is also covered…
There are the variants for each mode in a drop down box…
On the web page is also a lot of other stuff for the datamode operater.
down load from here.


Steve m0sgb