If you are thinking about Snowdonia at Easter

Take a look at this video from a RESCUE TODAY (Thursday 21/3) from Snowdon GW/NW-001.

As a Mountain Guide friend of mine has been known to say “It’s life and death up there”…

Easter this year is VERY early.

Go safe folks.

If you have winter mountaineering experience and the right kit it can be a fabulous day out, I love it! But if you don’t then it can be you LAST day out.


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Thank`s Gerald for video, Good to know there are groups of mountain rescue folk
out there.
p.s. I wear the “THE Mountain Rescue” supporters badge.
Well done to the Team today.

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Thanks Gerald.

By the way as an aside…the music track that is playing on that video is called “Sail” by AWOL NATION…an absolutely amazing track…turn off the lights and close your eyes and keep playing it…its an infectious track that is normally accompanied by a powerful message.



Hats off to the MRT - good work, and clearly highly skilled mountaineers.

Although I an a pretty experienced hillwalker, I still would not consider myself sufficiently skilled (in some of those winter-specific techniques) or fit enough to attempt a mountain like Snowdon on a day like that.

I did noticed how close the railway went to some near vertical edges when I once descended on the railway (2003)! Believe me, I noticed. I guess people naturally follow the railway line when the path is whited out, but in sections that railway line is not a great place to be, especially on snow/ice and in poor visibility.

Kicking a few steps in the snow to get myself up a shallow gully on Tal y Fan was plenty enough excitement for me yesterday, and I certainly wouldn’t have taken on anything more ambitious. Tal y Fan is an easy short walk, although I’ve certainly never managed to summit it in anything like the 20 minutes suggested by Roger MW0IDX!


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“I did noticed how close the railway went to some near vertical edges when I once descended on the railway (2003)!”

Dead right Tom.

Lots of people try to follow the railway down when the path is covered in snow. What they then do is slip down to the left over the 1000’ cliffs on Clogwyn Coch. A few years back the Llanberis Team had to recover several bodies over a short time due to exactly this. It is a major accident blackspot in winter conditions.


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Nice video Gerald - but that music is a bit of a cliche. It appears on just about every “adventure” video that I watch on Youtube!


Richard G3CWI

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Cliche is the word! A very simple eight bar blues, one could jam to it on autopilot!


Brian G8ADD