IE-003, IE-012 tomorrow morning

Hello all,

Tomorrow morning, I hope to activate IE-003 Tonlagee, and IE-012 Scarr.

I will hopefully arrive around 9AM UTC. The walk should take me 45mins-1 hour. I will be QRV on 3.760-ssb,7.095-ssb.

Later on, around 12:15UTC, I will be on IE-012, all going to plan.

I’d like to try for IE-002 Mullaghcleevaun, but that is another 5Km of walking.

I may be able to do it.

I would appreciate, if you hear me, please call in.

thanks and 73,


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That was a blast! Just arrived home after a great day in the mountains.

I didn’t think I’d get to Scarr, IE-012, but after heading back down from Tonlagee, IE-003, I did some numbers and saw that Scarr was approx. 2-3Km from the carpark.

I couldn’t come so far and leave without it.

Getting up to Tonlagee was very difficult. It had been raining a few days earlier and there was deep, wet marsh.

I had planned on 30-40mins to get up, but it took approx. 1hr 30mins. Once I got to the top I found I had forgotten the centre of my new buddpole, so I switched back to my GW4BVE antenna. It worked a treat, once I lifted the ends about 1-1.5M off the ground.

Getting back down was equally as hard. It took about 1hr+ to get down, missing most of the marsh.

Back at the car, I shed all the extra weight (camera, SLAB battery, extra clothing etc) and headed for Scarr IE-012.

It took about 40mins to get there, as it was a much more gradual slope.

Same configuration of radio, and antenna, and the contacts came.

I have not logged the calls yet, so I will leave the roll call until tomorrow. But needless to say thanks to everyone, especially the summit-to-summits, and the DL summit!

Great end to a days activity which started off harshly.

A special thanks to Mike/EI2CL, and Peter/EI7CC. They gave me my two first contacts, and spotted me. Once that was up, the floods came! Thanks guys.

Right now its time for bed!


PS: there will be some photos of Tonlagee tomorrow when I get them uploaded.

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Hi Bernard.I was most impressed on how you handled the massive pile up with very heavy QRM that you had to cope with.Thanks for 2 more summits that I have never chased before.Hope to hear you again All the best Geoff G6MZX

In reply to G6MZX:

Hello Geoff,

Thanks for the compliment! I did a little DX’ing before I fell out of radio…surprised it all came back to me :slight_smile: That was aot more difficult than other pile-ups. No wind, and shivering to deal with in a nice warm shack!

Thanks for the contact also. Please do keep an ear out for me. Now I have a rough plan of action and a revision 1 kit-bag, it’ll be easier to take off for a summit.

thanks again,