Icom IC-705 Dstar Doozy set up. No repeater, No hotspot, No antenna, No problem!

for the 705 users out there that dont live near a Dstar repeater or have hotspot.


Thanks, I will give that a go. I’ve tried D-star but I’m on the limit of the nearest beacon here and the connection isn’t reliable. A better antenna would help of course. :slight_smile:

I guess it can’t be used for SOTA as the system uses beacons and if using Doozy and a laptop the local phone mast as well.

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Give it a try, I love using it. 30C is where the party is, not for SOTA but adds another great option for 705 guys with their rig at home.

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No, not for SOTA. However, SIMPLEX DSTAR is a viable mode for SOTA. Not sure anyone has thought about that yet or not. I have had several DSTAR simplex qsos but not from a summit.


We had a challenge last year where DV contacts were one of the specialities.


We had an early morning mass activation today in Arizona. Early was a requirement since the high temperature was going to be 95 degrees. We had 18 summits activated in central Arizona and I completed two S2S contacts using DSTAR simplex. I also had one chaser. The longest DSTAR contact was 53.6 miles with a half wave whip using my IC-705.


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I’ve been looking at antennas for the IC-705 - as you don’t generally hold it like a handheld a lot of the antennas I have tried do not cut it.

I’d be interested in the antenna you used @KF7NP Burke and whether it was directly attached.