Icom 705 Front Cover

I discovered this tidbit and thought I would share it with anybody that may be interested. I have an ICOM 705 and have been looking for a front cover to protect it when transporting it. Ive been wrapping the 705 in a towel and then putting that in a tupperware container but its a little oversized and barely fits in my pack. I have the Peovi frame / handles (which are great) installed on my 705. This plastic container is perfectly sized to provide a friction fit over the handles, and the handles provide the perfect standoff to keep the front panel knobs etc from coming in contact with the container. I got the container at “The Container Store”. It is called “THE HOME EDIT LARGE BIN ORGANIZER CLEAR”. SKU# is 10077089 and it can be ordered on line I believe. Its dimensions are 4.75" x 9.5" x 3.25". Pictures below. Im slow at checking this reflector so if you have any questions feel free to email me directly at wb7vty@gmail.com. Anywho… this little box makes a perfect friction fit with the Peovi frame. For more security you could use velcro straps to wrap around the assembly. Here are some pictures;

Here is the label on the container;

Here is the box next to the 705;

And the box installed on the 705;

And last, you can kind of see the ample clearance between knobs and bottom of the box created by the stand off of the Peovi frame handles;

73 All,