Iceland (TF)

I’m in Iceland from May 30th to June 5th and will try to activate Sota.
Hope we hear us IW3AGO

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Good luck Heinrich I hope to be activating in Scotland on 30 or 31, it would be great to get a S2S with you

A TK<>FL S2S would be very desirable Heinrich. Do please place some alerts when you have a better idea of when you may be able to activate a summit. Just for info will you be QRV in CW or SSB or both and which bands will you have available?

Thanks for the contact yesterday Heinrich. My first contact with Iceland and a S2S to boot!
Boy was it hot here though. I can’t remember being so glad of the slight breeze on the top. Hope you’re having a good trip.

Did listen out for you yesterday but conditions were against us, hopefully next time.


Thanks for QSO yesterday, hope you’re enjoying the cold north :wink:

What gear was you running as found it a bit strange could barely hear you, let alone work as yet the local TF station doing other Sotas not a problem worked three of them.

But did note TF is better here in Europe in afternoons.

Be interesting see to compare what gear you both used.

Or the Icelandic gods were against you may be :hushed:


PS but thanks to the Local TF Sota station got me 1st 2nd and 3rd Icelandic Sota’s adding another DXCC to me Sota list :grinning:

When I activated TF/SV-006 last monday I used an Yaesu FT-857 transmtting 50W through a half wave end fed vertical antenna. I had 18 QSO in about 20 minutes.
I had a S2S with Heinrich, my first S2S on HF with TF summit.



Certainly worked well for you.


Hello Einar,
I was very happy to do a S2S with you.
my working conditions Elecraft KX2 10 W and Antenna Dipole for 6-40mt Spiderbeam Mod.404UL
There was still a lot of snow in the mountains around Flateyri.
I was with friends who were fishing in Iceland.
I’m back in Italy.
I hope we’ll hear soon Again I / AA …
Greetings IW3AGO Henry

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Servus Heinrich!
Habe öfters gehorcht, aber nichts gehört, nicht einmal die Gegenstationen, Schade. Markus hat mir in Friedrichshafen gesagt, daß Du wirklich dort oben bist. (Ich war nämlich sehr verwundert, Dich im Sotawatch zu sehen)
73, Holger

Hallo Holger,
Es war mit 10W Leistung manchmal nicht Leicht Verbindungen nach Tirol und Südtirol zu machen.
Ich war mit Fischerkollegen zusammen in Flateyri im Norden von Island,
und es lag auf Meereshöhe teilweise noch Schnee.
Ich habe am 03.06. den Bolafjall TF/VF-044 Aktiviert 650 mt da lag noch 2mt Schnee.
73 Heinrich

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