Iceland open for SOTA this sommer.

Yesterday it was anounced that after June 15 it will be possible to visit Iceland without a 14 day quarantine that has be required. Here is more information on covid-19 in Iceland.

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I had been planning an activation of Hvannadalshnúkur TF/AL-001 for April/May before CV19 happened. Luckily I hadn’t paid for anything. I think June onwards will be too warm for the glacier traverse, but there is always next year…


Can you inform how much COVID-19 test will cost for international visitors (in US dollars) upon arrival to Iceland?

COVID-19 Test Iceland:
have a look here.

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There is one problem with free COVID-19 test during first 2 weeks. It is limited to 500 persons per day, but many more tickets already sold for that period of time. Because of this, I will hold my booking, and will do more research.

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The statied goal is that 1000 tests per day will be available. It has not yet been determined who is going to analyse the test. On april 6th around 2500 test were analysed in Icelend so the capacity exists. It has also been stated that there will not be charge for the test during the first two weeks. There are still a number of details that need to be worked out, and no final decisions have been made on the implementation. More should be known by end of next week.

Currently there are 6 fligths per week to Iceland (two from each of Stockholm, London and Boston). Iclandair has anounced that there will be dayly flights from Copenhagen staring on June 15th. It does not look like the initial demand will exeed 1000 test per day.

My quess is that the charge for tests after the initial two weeks will be between 100 and 400 dollars.

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Travellers coming from some countries will not required to take the tests. Those countries may include Greenland, Faeroe Islands, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Finland and Germany.

I have hiked to AL-001 twice, the first time was on June 19th 1993. We started the hike around 11pm and reached the summit about 8 hours later. The snow was firm during the night and having 24 hours of daylight did not hurt. Most hikes are done in May and June.

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The cost for covid-19 virus (PCR) test for people arriving in Iceland has been set at USD 113 ( subject to exchnge rates ). For the first two weeks there will not be a charge. The goal is to provide up to 4000 test per day. Those with a proof of a positive PCR test that is more than 14 days old, or a negative PCR test that is less than 4 days old, will not need to be tested.

73 Einar

Things keep changing. Now it looks like that for the first one or two weeks the borders in Iceland will only by open to those that come from Europe. Proof of tests done outside Iceland will not be accepted. There is talk of having available 2000 test per day in the beginning.

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Covid-19 testing at icelandic border has started.