IC-706 on 60 meter?

HNY to everyone :slight_smile:
I am using an IC-706 (first model, plain IC-706, without MKII or something like that).
I have not found any info on the web to enable 5Mhz at this transceiver (only for later models).
My dealer told me that it is not possible to modify this transceiver for 5MHz.
Any comments?

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Hi Mike Try looking here.There is another Icom group under Yahoo, believe its IC706@… , that has a list of mods.All the best Geoff G6MZX

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Hi, Mike, I haven’t checked the details but there is an item for opening the 706 on www.mods.dk click on icom then on ic-706 and the article is dated 23-08-1998.

I hope this helps


Brian G8ADD

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Hi Mike,

In my experience Icom radios tend to be fairly easy to “open up” for “general coverage” transmit, which this modification would probably involve. This may be why the information is not so widely available.

Edit: I see you have already contacted your local dealer without success.

Best of luck with the 60m band, which I have found to be excellent for NVIS contacts during the daytime & refreshingly free of contest traffic.

(Disclaimer: I do enjoy VHF contesting, but the VHF bands are never so full of contest stations that you cannot have a nice QSO with a friend just down the road)

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

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Hi Mike!

In the IC706 MkIIG all that is required is to lift a link. The Mods.dk site give the details. It might be different for a basic 706?



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To enable full HF transmit:

IC706MkII G: remove diode D2030

IC706MkII: remove D108

IC706Mk1: remove D5806

(Possibly the mods for 706MkII and 706Mk1 are swapped, can’t remember now)

Google is your friend! (Sometimes)


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FYI I have been running my 706MKIIG on 60m for years now without any problems. The Icom AH-4 wire tuner will run at 60m no problem there either.

Tom, N2YTF