Listening to IZ3GOS/ QRP from I/VE-327 calling as summits on the air

14285 09:40 utc

Its not on the list :frowning:


It is not a SOTA summit. This is a long running problem that the Italian SOTA group have added any old bit of rock they fancy to their list of summits regardless of whether it is valid or not. Despite explaining that they should not do this, it keeps happening.

If it’s not on the list of Italian summits from here: SOTA Database then it’s not valid. It’s down to you whether you have a QSO with the activator but you wont be able to log it on the database now or in the future.

Verified that information firstly by checking the via the Sota summits listed
Hence no calling him required as checked first.

A UK station did try explain this to him on air.

Next Sota station Please, am awaiting :smile:


Yes I did…it was still pleasant chatting to Enrico though despite the summit not being valid…

73 Phil

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