I/VE-302 - Mount Ortigara - Not to forget... the First World War

At 4 o’clock on May 24, 1915, Fort Verena fired the first cannon shot from Italy. This action sanctioned the beginning of the First World War for the italian Kingdom. A long and bloody history page started here till to the end of 1918.

Among many chapters that characterised this war, one of them is the battle on the peak of Monte Ortigara, which costs an unnecessary human sacrifice of over 34,000 lives on both sides. This battles began on 10 June 1917.

After 100 years, Saturday, June 10, 2017, we will climb Mount Ortigara to activate its summit. An opportunity for “not to forget”, as it is written on a broken column placed by some survivors in 1920.

We would like to activate the peak of Ortigara (I/VE-302) with two HF portable stations and one VHF portable station.



The last 10th of June, four HAMs activated exactly 100 years after a sad chapter in the First World War history.
We have used the official ARI Padova’s call in the 90 years award.

Activators: Marco IZ3GME, Ivano IU3EGX, Paolo IZ3XAC, Umberto IZ3ZQT

First HF Station
Yaesu FT-817 operating from 20 to 10 mt
7m fishing pole with a Norcal Doublet Dipole (made home)

Second HF Station
Yaesu FT-817 operating on 40 mt
12m fishing pole with a EFHW of 20 mt in vertical mode with semi slooper (made home)

Third VHF Station
Yaesu FT-817 operating on 2 mt
5m fishing pole with a Yagi Vhf 5 elements (made home)

some images

while walking

On air…

HAM Team

at the Monument…

going back home

Thanks all connected stations and thanks you all.