I/TN-329 disappeared

Cima Paradisi has disappeared from the list in SMP (Sota Mapping Project)
it’s strange, is not an anomalous mountain in classification.
I’m wrong?

Previous Ref.:
region: Italy - Trentino
summit: I/TN-329 (Cima Paradisi)
height: 2206
locator: JN56TF
points: 8
lat/lon: openstreetmap

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It’s been retired.



If you check the Sota database you can see it was deleted on 30/sep/2017 when the big Italy update occurred.

Many summits were deleted for not having the required prominence, or not being the true summit or just being incorrect. ISTR we relocated many summits to the correct location and added many new summits at the same time.

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Thanks all.
I remember the big update, a fantastic great job. But it’s a strange deletion in this case, maybe I don’t remember all the criteria they applied. I would have loved to go up there in deep snow.
no matter what mountain, there are many other beautiful peaks to explore with my radio.

Thank, 73