I think the name of summit EA/GR-051 on summit list is wrong

Presumably a question for the Region Manager @EA7KE - it looks like the summit name in the Summits List for the EA7/GR Region isn’t correct - in this list the summit is called Penetrate rather than Calar but the entry does correctly list me as the first activator.

I was questioned by a chaser whilst on the summit about the summit reference I had given, and this discrepancy may have explained it.

Many thanks, Mark.

Hi Mark.

Yes, the preferred route is to raise this with the AM or RM.

But looking at the official Spanish mapping (ign.es) Calar seems Ok. This is the name given to the vertice (trig point).


I couldn’t find “Penetrate” anywhere and Google was most unhelpful!

Oh I’ve just realised what’s up!

You’re saying our list has it as Penetrate. Well it doesn’t. What’s happened I think is that your browser unhelpfully translated the Spanish for you! :wink:

Oh great, PEBCAK issue then. You are right - most of the summit names can’t have an English translation.
My apologies, sorry for wasting your time!
Mark. M0NOM

Another meanning of calar is when you get completely damped.
When heavy rain is about to catch you while you are outdoors, you can say “me voy a calar hasta los huesos” = I’m going to get wet up to my bones.


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Ah I see - not much chance of that on this visit however! “Soaked to the skin” or “soaked to the bone” are valid in English and a real possibility on a Lake District activation! The word Penetration wouldn’t be used in this context but has a similar meaning

An update on the name translation issue

Jon has now added some extra markup on the region summit listing pages which requests Chrome-type browsers not to translate the names. So if you now visit the EA7/GR page, for example, it should give the Spanish names even if you tell the browser to translate the page.

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That’s a useful outcome to my misplaced post, so hopefully the fix will prove useful to others (with summit brain at sea level).

Thanks, Mark.

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