I think I'm being a bit hard of thinking (again)

Looking at making sure I have the correct notation for the notes section for microwave chasing. The blurb says put the add text as per %QTH%37.3765,-121.8012% in the notes section however as I was /p, not at QTH I put in the location I was at then the summit I chased as lat / long and as locators and it gave a distance of 2 miles or wrong notation for either attempt.

It’s probably me but can I just check to make sure I’m doing it correctly to avoid me shouting at the computer (again)


You need to look up the definition of QTH and it should all become clear why QTH is used,

The software knows where the summits are located, so it only needs to know where you were. So what do you think your location was and which summit?

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Ah ha…

So I was here…54.5175,-3.6161 or IO84el

His nibs was here…55.0506,-4.384 or IO75tb


So you enter your chase of SS-092 by selecting the summit then the time/date/band/mode and in the notes

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Ta…just me then

I thought that the syntax was

That’s what I’ve been using. We can use QRA or QTH interchangeably?

Yes, one is for lat / long and the other is for Maidenhead locators.