I think compassionately of South Tyrol

I think compassionately of our OMs who are directly or indirectly affected by the corona virus quarantine measures or who are even afraid for their family, friends and acquaintances.
Especially in South Tyrol. How are you?
I am sure that we will all master the crisis well together and should be optimistic about the upcoming Sota Spring. The heat greatly reduces the risk of infection.
73 Chris


Hi Christoph, thank you for your solidarity. I live a few km north of Milan, far enough from the red zone. In my town so far there have been no cases of coronavirus, but still the life of my family has changed enough, even if we are not in quarantine. Two daughters have been home from school for 3 weeks, even if they continue to study in contact with the teachers via web, the third daughter cannot work, as she teaches swimming in pools and fitness in gyms. My wife, a math teacher, is now videoconferencing with colleagues to assign lessons to her students at home. As you can understand, the lifestyle has changed a lot, however we hold on and hope that everything will be resolved as soon as possible.
73 Fabio IK2LEY


Hello Fabio, it’s nice to hear from you. All the best for you and your family.
See you soon
73 Chris

Just heard in the news that northern Italy is a red zone and access is restricted.
In and out to vast areas has been limited. About 15 Million affected

I am worried a bit.

73 Joe

At the moment we are doing well.
In my company, we are software developers, we are doing smart working.
At the moment no problems in my family and collegues and friends.
I hope that the skilifts will be closes soon as is not possible to handle distances and coranivirus contagius in this situations.

73 de IN3AQK fro south tirol dolomiti mountains

Good news indeed Paulo from you in Northern Italy, thank you for the update. There are many worse things for Chasers than being confined to the QTH just in case for 2-3 weeks, so long as you haven’t caught Covid-19 that is and are feeling ill.

Pictures on TV here - supposedly in a UK Supermarket of people stripping the shelves of items such as toilets rolls, pasta etc. If you look closer it looked more like a business cash and carry in the south of England to me. The local Lidl in my town still had some toilet rolls in stock 30 mins ago, and was well stocked with all the usual line of food, meats, canned, veg, bread etc. Maybe folk are more sensible up north!

Stay safe I think we are all in this for the long haul…

73 Phil

I knew I held onto those manifesto copies from the last election for a good reason :flushed:

Best wishes though to all those seriously affected

Covid-19 is a well timed and serious problem for us all to deal with, on which all the ills of our sick country are likely to be blamed…

I was very happy that today I was able to speak to Marcus, IN3ADF and Heinrich, IW3AGO in detail at 40m. I had the impression that despite the difficult situation, you are carefree and optimistic.
That’s great,
73 Chris

Thanks all for the support, latest news, from today all Italy is closed!!
Fortunately I’m a software developer and it’s already a week that I’m doing smart working from home!.

73 de In3aqk Paolo Bolzano


For some weeks now I’ve boiled the water before making tea. It works, no cuppa suffering from corona.

Turning back to speak about ham radio this is my current CORONVIRUS shack and smart working office. On the right the hamradio shack (Laptop) remotely controlled by a Raspberry PI as server and a laptop as a client…

On the center an industrial PC mounted on autobus console, on wich I’m developing.
73 de in3aqk

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