I passed my dive master - now on to my standard VK License

Hi All,

While I burst onto the AR and SOTA scene earlier this year with much activity, I always knew I had a trip to Indonesia planned to undertake my PADI Dive Master Training.

Thinking " oh Ill be living on a lovely tropical island I will need a distraction, oh I know I will do my standard licence to upgrade from my F Call to access 20m and digital modes"

So… I have been watching all the videos from the Radio and Electronics School and am ALMOST ready to sit it. However, there were two flaws in my brilliant plan - internet that is reminiscent of sharing a dial-up connection between 30 people and working / studying 72 hours a week.

Now that I have finished my dive master training my work load here should slow up and allow me to sit the exam under skype supervision with Ron from RES.

Just wanted to give you all the heads up I have not forgotten you!


If you wanted to know more about my dive master or even my SOTA work all the videos are on youtube:

SOTA blog: VK1FWBD.com

Scuba / Travel Blog: Wadeabout.com

Social channels:

Twitter: @vk1fwbd or @wadeaboutblog or on Instagram as @wadeabout

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Congratulations Wade on the dive qualifications. More importantly good luck with the VK radio amateur ‘Standard’ level Licence exam. :wink:

73, Andrew VK1AD

Thanks Andrew. My logistical hurdle at the moment is 2 fold. 1. My island does not receive mail nor does it send mail. So the return of the exam requires a kind customer to carry from the island back to Aus via Bali. 2. My internet here is passable however not good enough to maintain a skype call with the RES assessor to monitor the exam.



Conversation at airport “Sir would you be kind enough to carry this package containing my exam papers”. :japanese_ogre:
And we’re worried about batteries ! :grinning:

Well done Wade

It’s a handy qualification to have for SOTA activations here in the UK when the weather is poor.

only managed one wet one on my 20 or so activations But yes.