I/LZ-161, Rocca d’Arce by IW0HK 27/2/2022

Hello Om ! today, taking advantage of a trip to the Frosinone area, 100 km south of Rome, for my son Emilio’s athletics competition, I had time in the afternoon to do a Sota activation in this area. I chose a low mountain, easy to reach, to activate quickly and then return to Rome. The mountain is I / LZ-161, Rocca d’Arce, a rock of 600 meters. which is easily reached. On the top there is a castle and also a cemetery … very small, I naturally chose to place myself near the old castle.

I used my usual fishing rod which supports a wire antenna connected to a 9: 1 balun and then Tuner ATU-100 and Sdr RS 918 radio (mchf clone). I only used CW for this activation on 30 and 40 meters for a total of 16 with a nice S2S with HB9AFI / P.

Overall a very fast but very pleasant activation, the location is open to 360 degrees and the view of the Lazio mountains is fantastic. Thanks to all the Chasers and to the next activation!


Ciao Andrea,

Yes, it’s a lovely spot and I really enjoyed it up there last December when doing it’s first activation. As you say, the views are fabulous but did you find your signal blocked at all by the castle? I worked the US from there with 4w so was a bit shocked by that as it was the first time I had ever hit the states whilst out on SOTA.

A la prossima!

73, Lea M0XPO


Dear Lea,
yes…this is a fantastic spot for Sota, high and easy to reach, i think the castle it’s not a problem from propagation of Hf signal, maybe in vhf or Uhf

73 de IW0HK Andrea

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