I/LZ-155, Monte Rocca Romana 10/10/2021

Hello Om,
today a nice alone activation on I/LZ-155, Monte Rocca Romana a 630 meter hill near Lake of Bracciano. After one hour driving from Roma, i reach the area where i found the path to the top. A very nice nice walk bring me at the top of the hill… where i found the ruins of a castle. The place was not so easy for a sota activation…high tree around… non “open” place to setup my vertical antenna, so i use a simple wire on a tree. The wire is connected to a 9:1 balun and a Atu-100 Tuner with Ft-187 Rtx. Propagation was goog, 28 qso are made on 7/10/14 mhz band cw & ssb. Very fun radio activity with a lot of “sota friend” on my log

best 73 de IW0HK Andrea

My sota “shack” inside the ruins of the castle.

Monte Rocca Romana