I/LO-302: first 10 points summit activation

Activating my first 10-point summit. Pizzo Arera in the Orobie Alps 2512 m high. It is a climb of 1000 meters in altitude, with some steps in the rock towards the end. The climb is very fun, but with a strong summer heat. Unfortunately, at the summit , the activation lasted very little, since my friend and I had to reunite with the our wives, who were doing a trek among the flowers 500 meters below. A few minutes to mount and remove the antenna, a few minutes to answer the questions of the other hikers and so there was the time for only 7 qso including a S2S with IU1AUG from that spotted me on sotawatch, since I did not have cell phone coverage.
A beatiful day, I lived the SOTA at its best…Thanks to all chasers!



Well done Fabio, Great pictures.
Thanks for all your contacts while I was in ON.

Thanks to you Mike for the summits from Belgium :+1::+1::+1:

My compliments for the 10 type summit