I/LO-242 quick activation on low bands with entire family 29/05/2021

I and my YL, our seven months old daughter Sara and our dog Zac have for the first time a short hiked and a first sota activation all togheter.
I knew I had little time, despite this I wanted to make the activation a little bite more complicate, activating in 80mt band cw mode with 5watt at 10:00utc
I had a plan B in case of no one could hear me, I could qsy in a easier bands.
I fixed the first nine meters of twenty on 9.5mt telescopic pole, and the rest in orizontal and slack tied to a branch towards north.
I rolled out four random lengths radials (more than seven meters) on the ground, all oriented towards west due to limited space.
I tuned with internal ATU to 1.0 swr.
Monitoring rbn app, I started to call cq at 3.555 cw a couple minute before 10:00 utc.
I saw no spot on the app, I decided to send a selfspot with sotlas and wait.
the first qso of the day was with OE7PHI r s followed up by F5JKK IK2LEY F5LKW IK2WPO, the italian stations ware my friends qrb below 50km and all other stations at a distance of abt 400km.
on rbn App i saw two spot in hb9 and oe9 with 2 and 3dB
I qsy on 60mt, the internal tuner didn’t work fine with this setup I had a 1.5swr however I had a qso with s57s.
Also in this band the skip was about 400km, on this band I didn’t make spot on rbn.
I tried to call some times again but I didn’t hear any body.
My two women said the time was up and I passed in qrt; some minute later I read Mariusz’s message on sotawatch, sorry sp9amh I didn’t hear you on 60mt, I hope for the next time!
Thanks at All!

ATTENTION: In spring, summer and autumn on this summit (and on other summits with grassland, calcareus rock, where stationed deer or ovine) is infected by Trombiculas autumnalis, an acarus responsible of annoying erythemas.
avoid to expose the skin and clothing to the ground, grass or foliage.


Hi Roberto,
Was a nice surprise to work you on 80m daylight :+1:
See you soon
73, Éric

Hi Érik,
It was a pleasure work you on 80 meter.
Stay tuned for next 80mt activation!!

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