I/LO-212 activation report

Hello everyone,
after my very first “solo” SOTA activation, I would like to thank
this wonderful community and to share some moments with you all.

Today I took a free afternoon from work and decided to climb up to Mount
Coltignone, reference I/LO-212, right over the Como Lake in northern Italy.

It was a short hyke, so I reached the summit just in time to mount my
20mt monoband EFHW vertical antenna, with a 10m fishing pole.

It was very challenging, after I spent all my last year with quarter wave
verticals, or multiband verticals, to try a half wave monoband in 20mt only.

But I wanted to test it in a SOTA activation, CW only.

Mounted everything, and still made a little test with an antenna analyzer,
just to be sure it all worked fine.

And it did. I started at 13 UTC and made a few contacts,
mostly europeans, plus a US contact.

Saw several spots on RBN, signal DB was good so, uhm, ok,
I think I can do it again.

Some say it’s addictive…

Goodbye and CU AGN !


Thanks for the contact! Well done

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