I/LO-182 Monte Muggio with sunset

hello folks,
I arrived at parking Alpe Giumello at 15:00; to save time, I decided to climb up the short skyslope rather than set out along the path.
The top was desolate, my dog Zac was tired due to the long day passed with me and he fall asleeped.
I spent few time to install antenna and connect varius cables from raspberry to kx3.

After having verified that I forgot the paper log and the glovers, I started calling in 20cw.
After few time a boy with a dog without a leash arrived on the top, asking me “Is he a male?” … “yes!” and instead of avoiding me the boy and dog moved close.
Zac irritated, pulled me and overturning raspeberry kx3 and backpack…
Ignoring the freak boy, I tryed to continue the qsos as if nothing had happened.
I qsy in 40ssb but I managed only 2 qsos, I returned in 20 and I tryed ft8 using smarthphone as Rpi’s display.
In a few time, the battery of the smarthphone disgharged, since I had used the phone for log my qsos. I had to turn off the Rpi and connect the smartphone on the powerbank.
While I qsy in cw for the last calls, a photografer arrived on the summit to capture the panorama and sunset with photocamera and a noiser drone.
I concluded activation during the sunset.

Many Thanks at All!!!