Very impressive list of S2S contacts. Congratulations!


Well done! You know how to write an eye catching headline, as well.
73, Ken, K6HPX


Hi Henning,
Thanks for the activation report. Nice video.
Sorry for the bad time the black flies gave you.
BTW, insects create the biological foundation for all terrestrial ecosystems. They cycle nutrients, pollinate plants, disperse seeds, maintain soil structure and fertility, control populations of other organisms, and provide a major food source for other taxa.
No more, no less. But I’m with you, they are often too tedious… :wink:




Well done Henning! Summit-to-summit YouTube King :crown:


He’ll be on Skal vi danse soon.


Thanks for comments folks!
Guru, I love the helpful, not annoying insects :wink:
As for “Skal vi danse”, that will never happen. (dancing with the stars in England I think…)
My S2S chasing is because I have a hard time chasing from home, most of the time I have to much noise, usually S2-S5 on 20M, S6-S9 on 40M…
Would be fun to reach 1000 subs on YouTube so I could LIVE-stream from the summits. Any tips on how to achieve that is most welcome!
73 for tonight, worked 200hours+ the last 17 days, but will be back tomorrow evening for a quick look at internet.


Strictly Come Dancing in the UK.
Dancing with the Stars in the US (and probably other English speaking countries)

Back in the 70s there was a ballroom dancing TV show called Come Dancing. It was off the air for many years and then they brought it back but with the new format. So the name is derived from that along with the Australian film Strictly Ballroom.


Great video Henning and impressive S2Ss too!
Flies we have, horse and deer flies. They seem to sense when my hands are busy and I cannot wallop them. Then they attack.
I learned from K7PX to carry an umbrella and mosquito netting. Works for shade and keeping those little buggers off me while working the radio.
73 Vick k7vk


Wow! That’s great! Wish I could hear some of those Europeans
over here on the west coast! It’s about 4000 KM just to get to the
east coast USA from here. Good work!
John, K6YK


We got deer flies too, but I avoided them because of work…
I am lazy and fat and try to pack as light as possible when activating, but that sometimes backfires… lol

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Really enjoyed this video Henning! Nothing worse than black flies swarming around your head. They are just relentless! Congratulations on a great activation. Hope to chase you sometime from the Midwest USA!
de Joe KE9AJ


Exactly the same goal that I am working towards (I’m currently on 585 subs).

My advice is to keep doing what you’re doing Henning. It will take time but you’ll get there eventually.

If you don’t want to wait until you have 1000 subs, you can use an app (such as Streamlabs). I’ve found it a little bit hit & miss though.

Other than that, a very powerful laptop running OBS (or some other streaming software). That does however mean that you are carrying a significant amount of kit up the mountain with you!!!

Personally I plan to wait until I have 1000 subs & just do it from my phone…I might do it as my 1000 subscriber celebration/special.

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Well you need one less now that I’ve found your channel. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice one Fraser.

Just checked out your channel & it turns out that I’ve watched several of your videos in the past.

I liked the one about running FT-8 on a SOTA summit & methods of self-spotting.

You’ve got a sub from me!

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I am thinking of streaming on FaceBook in the meantime with my phone.
Would be fun to see if that will be a hit or miss…

You can do a YouTube Short and upload it immediately. See how many QSO’s you can fit into 60 seconds!

I can not do stuff like that live, but I can usually do 2-3 QSO´s in a minute on cw when the pile-up is right…

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