I evaluated my own gear (was bored)

I haven’t been doing much SOTA lately. I am hoping to get back into it, so I decided to look over my own gear and do an evaluation. I posted it on my blog, which you can see here if you are interested.


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ALICE packs are great, but there are solid packs that weigh half as much. All your stuff would fit in a Gossamer Gear Gorilla, for example, and that weighs 1.5 pounds.


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HI Mike,

Well, no one will ever suggest that you’re unprepared - for anything! Read you evaluation; agree, that the KX1 is okay if the bands are working well, but marginal if not. Of course, for dedicated QRP’ers, that’s part of the fun. One lightweight backpacker has suggested getting rid of things you consistently carry, but don’t use. The first aid kit would be my exception to that. BTW, the GI 1-quart canteen is an ounce LIGHTER than a Nalgene 1-liter water bottle.