I am on the front cover of Practical Wireless again

Jimmy M0HGY

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This November issue, out today, contains the reports and photos of our activations of EA8/TF-001 and EA8/TF-002. These don’t appear on my website http://tomread.co.uk , nor have I put them on the SOTAwatch reflector, as PW works on an “All Rights” basis.

So that’s where you’ll find these two particular activation reports, photos and the finer details of all the planning.

Hi Tom,
Looking at that front page of Practical Wireless, it appears to be rather Amateur Radio orientated. Is that just this month or generally do they have a lot of AR coverage? The Practical Wireless that I remember from probably 40 years ago, had only rarely something about amateur radio, with more home receivers and SWL type content.


PW is entirely devoted to amateur radio these days. It has improved dramatically in recent years.

73 Richard G3CWI

Hi Richard,
I’m just reading the PW Publishing website and indeed it says that since 1980 the magazine has concentrated on Amateur Radio. I remember it from the seventies. I’ll have to pick up an edition when I’m in the UK.


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My head featured on the front cover of this months RadCom, as well as a radio that emulates the Blackpool illuminations…

PW has always been more interesting to me, all depends on what floats your boat though.


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This month’s PW is particularly excellent, one of the finest editions in living memory. Can’t quite put my finger on why…

Anyone can be on the cover if you submit an article/picture. The time to be impressed is when the magazine approaches you and asks (and pays) you use your picture for no effort on your part! :stuck_out_tongue:


They do have to ask, otherwise they get into big trouble apparently…

Unless you had the physique of Kate Moss etc, I would be supprised if any of the popular radio mags would actually pay you :smile:

A good technical article on the other hand that is worth some $ - IMHO.


The trick is to not actually appear in the photo :wink:

They do like good scenic shots though :smile:

Thanks & 73,

Mark G0VOF

Evidence suggests that what you mean is “unless you had the physique of Ms Moss or Mr Sinclair…”, Jonathan.

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:moneybag: You should be surprised then! :moneybag:

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Well, she certainly would brighten some articles up. I will take your recommendation on the recent PW though Tom, I am sure its worth a good read.

RadCom though Andy ? Really ?


Radcom came to me with the offer of several shillings to use my SOTA picture on Snowdon. They had found it on Flickr. They then asked would I like to put some words together to go around it. More shillings were then offered…

I donated my fee to my Mountain Rescue team - NEWSAR www.newsar.org.uk

My Flickr pages have paid for themselves (when they charged for their service) in the past. The two below are ones I can remember getting paid for.

Book illustrations - static electricity for a US School Textbook

Advertising - used by Rolls Royce (they photoshopped in one of their cars!

This is the one from Radcom that they found on Flickr

The secret is to name and tag pics.

Back to the original post - well done Jimmy, anything that add to the positive profile of SOTA is great.


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@M0HGY @M1EYP great article guys! I read the El Teide activation with interest and jealousy as I was unable to ascend back in January due to heavy snow and 70km/h winds :frowning:

Also interested to see the new summits added for the whole of EA8, I’m going to have to go back and get these activated one day.

James M0JCQ


Thanks for the nice comments James. Yes, El Teide was “touch and go” for us as it was closed due to heavy snow right up until the week before our holiday! Very interesting expedition especially from a logistics and planning point of view, but Guajara was much the better walk, so you can console yourself with that James.

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In effect the modern PW replaced Short Wave Magazine.


You mean the other way round Brian? There’s little on receivers and nothing on SWL in the modern PW. Many still lament the loss of SWM, which became a more general “Radio User” magazine. Still a worthwhile publication, but definitely lost “something”.

I’m old enough to remember the days when Practical Wireless was known as “Camm’s Comic”! (It was edited by F.J. Camm.)

The “serious” radio magazine in those days was “Wireless World”, which remained in publication from 1913 right through until 1986. Remarkably, the full content of every surviving issue of “Wireless World” is now available, free of charge, in pdf format at:

The late Pat Hawker, G3VA, was a frequent contributor to the magazine over many years.

Walt (G3NYY)

Not really, Tom; I started with “Camm’s Comic” in the late 50’s and then moved to SWM as my interests became more ham radio orientated. There were no regular features on receivers or SWL that I remember in SWM, but the monthly items about events on HF and V/UHF continue in PW. So, I see PW as a sort of shadow of the heyday of SWM, more “pop” in tone and less serious electronics - I can’t see PW ever carrying an article on “Third Method” SSB generation, for instance, which SWM did, but it does try to be abreast of current developments so it is not unworthy and probably better than the stodginess of Radcom!