I/AB-312 Monte Orsello 18/10/2020 Iw0hk

today very nice activation of I/AB-312 Monte Orsello a nice mountain in Abruzzo. The weather was nice, clear sky but very very cold on the summit. I was with Luca Iz0fly that helped my setting up the station and the antenna. We used Ft-817 & Recent RS -918 & tuner & 9:1 Balun with a random wire. At the end 19 qso on 20/30/40 meter band only cw and 1 S2S with HB9AFI/P. So perfect day !!

73 de IW0HK Andrea & IZ0FYL Luca


Compliments for your activation, setup and cw only!
Yesterday I was on I/TN-319, but only for 50 mhz with my new xiegu 5105.
Unfortunately only 3 qso. With a schedule probably a 2xvhf FM or SSB S2S was possible.

73 de in3aqk

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Dear Paolo, thank for the reply, after some activation on Vhf with no… or just a few qso… now i’m using “only hf setup”… it’s easier to find qso … and i’m a very fan of “cw” activation only on 30 meter band. I love that band :slight_smile:

73 de IW0HK Andrea

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