Hyperlink Directly to Summit Page

Is there a way to hyperlink directly to a summit summary page, knowing only the summit ID?

I think it used to be possible to hyperlink directly to a summit page using the summit ID. e.g. SOTA Summits would open the page which now appears at SOTA Database

My personal web site has lots of hyperlinks which resemble SOTA Summits. I’m trying to figure out how best to fix them.

I could point them to the “extra info” page at SOTA Summits but since there is no link from the extra info page to the summary page, it is a bother if the reader is seeking the summary page.

Which is the summary page?


I’ll ask it another way, to clarify/simplify the question.

If I want my hyperlink to land at the page referenced by
how do I get there knowing only the summit ID?

The reflector does this by using a Reflector extension called linkify which is only available within Discourse (this reflector platform) . That uses a pile of custom CSS. It allows reflector managers in this case Simon @G4TJC to write regular expressions to allow the routine to generate the hyperlink to the summits. I doubt if that code will be portable. It may be available on github if you search. All Discourse underlying code is open source and on github.

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Off the top of my head I don’t think you can. What information is missing that you want? Apart from the breakdon on qsos/band for the activators on the database page all the other info is there on the page you can get to with a click on the “view all summit activity” link.

EDIT: maybe summitslist.csv can be used to get the summit ID.

EDIT#2: no it can’t.


I’ve now got 454 webpages with links to the SOTA info / resource page for the summit in question, that now just go to a blank screen on sota.org.uk

Racking my brains to think of a solution, but nothing is coming forward yet :frowning:

Hi Tom,

K4KPK is trying to link to the Summary page in SOTAData… for example this is a Summary page:


I think you are saying you have existing links to Summit Info pages that are broken, i.e.:


Fixing links to Summit Info pages is just a find/replace operation. Fixing links that point to a SOTAData summary page is more difficult as G0CQK explained above.


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Aha - thanks!

I’ve just done that - hopefully I’m all working again!

My Find/Replace operation only found 447 instances - which makes me think that 7 of them might already have been “bad”. Wonder if I’ll ever find them?? :confused:

Give this a shot: