Hutton Roof Crags info?

At the end of August 2017 my XYL spotted a local advert for a 1950’s Standard 10 that had been stood for a few years and needed some TLC. My step father likes projects to keep him busy, so (mostly joking) I passed on the details of the car and the phone number. In less than an hour, my phone rang and it was my step father saying that he’d agreed to buy the car unseen!

The Standard is becoming a rare beast, it seems that nobody loves them. The car was actually quite sound, just a bit tatty around the edges, the engine was the nicest surprise, it’s very sweet.

My step father has worked on the Standard every now and then, in between working on his AC Buckland sports tourer (very rare and eyewateringly expensive!), which has been restored from the bottom up.

The Standard passed a voluntary MOT in November and is to be auctioned next month near Kirkby Lonsdale. My XYL and I had the pleasure of taking the Standard out for a little road run just before Christmas, we both loved it, although at 6’2, my XYL struggled to find a comfortable driving position!

Tomorrow is the day that the Standard is being taken to the auction house and it’s about 25 minutes up the road from my QTH. The auction house is just off Junction 36 of the M6. I’m planning to meet my parents at the auction place and join them for lunch. My new outdoor shack is to be constructed in the building where the Standard was housed, before being shipped in sections to my QTH for assembly. Lunch is to discuss the new shack project!

As an added bonus, I noticed that Hutton Roof Crags G/LD-052 is not far from the auction place (1818), I’m trying to hatch a plan to activate the summit before meeting my parents. Can anyone provide up to date info? I’ve never done G/LD-052, where’s best to park, etc? The summit info page hasn’t been updated in a while.

Thanks for any info!

73, Colin

Picture from advert-

Prepping for paint

Ready for the road!

AC Buckland Sports Tourer nearly finished, awaiting nicer weather!


We park in the nature reserve quarry at SD552761 just beside the more southern minor road from Burton in Kendal. The path to the exit gate for the trig is not usually very well marked but walls and fences constrin wanderers towards this gate. The track to it is obvious on the map:-

Enjoy the interesting scenery.

The vehicle transformation is amazing. Hope the sale goes well.


Thank you Rod, my paper OS map doesn’t show any of that info!

Maybe my new year’s resolution should be to fill in the summits info pages!

73, Colin

We don’t often do that, as on much visited summit pages there seem to be more than enough info posts.
Having checked up on LD-052 I find the available info could be improved and will add the contents of my post here to the summit page. With less popular summits we sometimes have something to contribute.
We did post a lot of info on our activities on the Outer Hebrides as we found very little to help us with route choice.

If you are looking for a route it is always worth at look at the SOTA Maps tracks. It is a good starting point but is not the only way to the top.

73 de

Andrew G4VFL

I’ve had a look to see if I have a track in my GPS SDcard. At the rate I’m filling that ancient 2GB card I think I’ll have to start deleting tracks to make space in 2179! Anyway, it’s such a short walk, I have never taken the GPS with me.

I used to know the way almost blind fold. The last time though, there had been much felling of mature timber. It was a very different walk and whilst I could find the top going up, finding the bottom coming down was much harder!

Plain Quarry car park.,476160&st=4&ar=y&mapp=map.srf&searchp=ids.srf&dn=832&ax=355236&ay=476160&lm=0

The paths from here aren’t represented on the OS 1:25000 sheet, but are pretty clear on the ground. Going up is OK - just keep going uphill, and you’ll eventually pass through a wall and onto the trig point. As Andy suggests, coming back down can be a little more tricky - but generally just follow your nose downhill, making sure you don’t drop too far, and you should find your way back to the car park.


didn’t you post a video of a trip in a fairly elderly truck or van *some time back. that was a grand machine!

  • no disrespect intended, just can’t recall the detail.

73 Andrew VK1DA/2uh

(post format ruined by too-smart discourse software. now, will I lose points for dissing Discourse?)

Thanks to all for the info.

I’ve looked at the SOTAmap feature from time to time but it’s rare that I ever use a computer and frankly it just doesn’t work too well on my smartphone. I guess I’m just old fashioned, I prefer paper maps, Morse code and vehicles from the golden age of motoring!

Andrew @VK1DA, yes, you refer to the 1955 Albion Claymore which sold last year, the vehicle had become a bit too large to manage for my step father.


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Morning Colin

Your really missing out on a fantastic resource not using the SMP - see below. Great historic motors - I bet my friend Geoff M0PYG would like the registration plate on the J & L Dykes Lorry!

73 Phil

Hi Phil,

Yes, I suppose I ought to give the SMP another go. My laptop died for the second time just before Christmas, I think it’s terminal this time! I’ll have to ask nicely to borrow my XYL’s laptop.

I didn’t manage to activate Hutton Roof Crags this morning, I’d done the school run on foot as my son wanted to cycle this morning, so I wasn’t as quick as I should have been out of the starting blocks. I arrived at the suggested Plain Quarry car park at 0945, and I immediately received a text message saying that the ETA at the auction would be 1045! The auction place was 15 mins down the road, so that left 45 mins. I found my way to the top but it was further than I had expected, I’d hoped to sneak in a few QSOs from the handheld before rushing back to the car, but I didn’t even have time for that. I took a selfie at the trig and then headed back to car.

I reached the auction site about 5 minutes before my parents arrived with the Standard, which gave me just enough time to swap out of my muddy and sweaty walking gear!

I don’t see my parents all that often as they live north east of Carlisle, a few hundred yards from Hadrian’s Wall. It was nice to spend a bit of time with them.

This was the view of Farleton Fell, which stands in front of Hutton Roof Crags today.

Here’s me at the trig -

I’ve had a conversation before about the PYG number plate - I think it was when you were activating from one on the Yorkshire three peaks with Geoff. The number plate is ‘non transferable’ unfortunately! When we got the Albion there was no paperwork, the vehicle had been sat in a scrap yard for a time. We did have the original ‘VIN’ plate which included a list of axle, engine, chassis and gearbox numbers. The Albion Archive at Biggar ( was able to provide a build sheet which detailed the original purchaser - Thomas Moorhouse and Son of Honley. Thomas Moorhouse and Son is still in business and they were helpful in supplying historical information about our Albion including it’s original registration number. We were able to apply for the original registration with help from the Historic Commercial Vehicle Society. Once a registration number has been re-issued in this way, it can’t be transferred to another vehicle - I suppose it’s to stop people cashing in.

I hope to go back to G/LD-052 soon, it’s probably my closest 1 pt summit!



Hi Colin

I hope you realised the full value for the Standard 10 and the auctioneer was’nt too greedy taking his commission.

Nice selfie to rival anyything that Tom has put on here, and better than mine from last week - bad light in my case. Thanks for the S2S by the way on 2m FM from Ward Law in Scotland to Whernside in Yorkshire on humble handhelds!

The SMP Mark II tells no lies. The nearest summit to you in Bentham using the range page says Ingleborough NP-005 is the nearest. Hutton Roof is the 4th nearest.

XYL Judy and I intend climbing Calf Top and Ingleborough later this year when we continue walking Howgills & Limestone Trail - a 74 mile route based on Wainwrights Howgills & Limestone books. We’ve started the route with good intentions, in December, but so far have only walked the first 10 miles from Kirkby Stephen to Ravenstonedale.

I hope you get to Hutton Roof again soon, sorry you had the meeting but family come first!

73 Phil

The Standard is the star of the show! LOL

Yes, Ingleborough is definitely my nearest, it dominates the skyline on my school run :slight_smile:

Hutton Roof Crags is my nearest 1 pointer, and Arnside Knott G/LD-058 is probably the next one after that. Ive done Whernside and Pen Y Ghent already this year, Fountains Fell and Ingleborough are definitely high up in the list of next summits to do. I’ve never really liked Great Coum.

Good luck with the Howgills and Limestone trail, we’re debating whether to attempt the Yorkshire Three Peaks.