HTs w/USB Rechargable Batteries?

I’ve seen some HTs with USB rechargable batteries, where a battery can be recharged by a USB cable directly w/o using a charge cradle. Such a capacity is handy for field use, where one battery can be recharging while the other is in use. There’s such batteries for “low-end” Baofeng/Clones and a Radioddity GS-5B/Clones. A“high-end” RFinder B1+ takes a USB C cable to directly charge the radio unit with attached battery, but that doesn’t allow charging a b/u battery if the HT is in use.

I’ve kludged up some HT recharge cradles with AC-to-USB converters but that’s not as nice.

What other HTs have USB cable recharge capability?


Hi Bret

I don’t know which handheld you have but for example there is a step-up converter cable for Yaesu HT.

Can be found at CN marketplaces or Ebay (search for yaesu usb charge ) . For example:
1.2m USB Charger Cable Battery Charging Cord Cable for Yaesu VX-6R VX7R FT60R | eBay

Neuankunft! USB Kabel Ladegerät für ICOM IC-F21 IC-F31 IC-F41 IC-T3H IC-V8 Radio | eBay

But for a direct charging of just the battery I have only seen this solution:

It clamps on the charge contacts of the Li-Ion pack.

73 Joe

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Only $13.75 shipped to USA - I ordered one for a test. Thanks for the pointer!

I love my chinese APRS HT the HG UV 98 - micro USB charging and BT access to aprs via APRSDroid

That looks like an interesting option! Thanks.

There is only one draw back that keeps this radio from being my all time fav - its just APRS, even with the BT option, no winlink. It’s not a D74 killer. Don’t bother trying, many have failed.

But for a HT with Voice on A Band, APRS on B band, great 5w tracker. Then send messages via APRSDroid and BT - works a treat


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