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How to Use SOTAmaps to generate NA Solar Eclipse summits

Here’s how to use the SOTAmaps.org website to generate a summit list using the new Polygon Range mapping tool:

  1. SOTAmaps.org > Mapping tab > Range Mapping on drop down menu
  2. For the NA Solar Eclipse path use the following coordinates plus click buttons as below:
  3. Click on View Polygon button then the Map button to generate the summit list within the polygon.
  4. On the left is the Summit List which you can export as a .csv.


Those interested in the 2017 solar eclipse path across the US might also wish to view an earlier Reflector article in which the use of the polygon feature in the SMP range page was introduced, and in which a more accurate set of points (which you can copy with the mouse and paste into the range page dialog) for the region of eclipse totality was given: http://reflector.sota.org.uk/t/smp-range-page-update-3/14534 .