How to Create and Upload a SOTA log using Google Sheets

I have been using Google Sheets for 4 years and it has been a very fast and efficient way to keep the log and upload it to the database. It’s simple, but there are a few tricks. Here’s how it’s done. 73

Hello Walt,

thanks for your nice video. For an alternative you should have a look at “FAST LOG ENTRY” … it’s a nice piece of software and very easy and quick sota-activator log entry possible:

73 Martin, OE5REO

A great explanation of how to use a spreadsheet, which will work in the same way, whether using Google Sheets or Excel or Open Sheets.

I used to use this approach too and it works fine.

I also uploaded the same file to the chaser/S2S log - the contacts without an S2S summit indicator are rejected, but the others are uploaded from that same file. No need to search through the log and remove the non-S2S contacts as the database upload automatically does that for you.

Andrew vk1da/vk2uh

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You can submit the same log as a chaser too - so you get the chaser points for the S2S

Very nice, Walt… While watching the video, I noticed you have my call wrong at 15:34 on 18/08/2015.

Elliott, K6EL
Eagle Eye EL

How could I bust such a famous callsign? 73

Thanks for the tip. I really like it. 73

You might want to try my free web tool for paper log entry.