How to convert .CSV to .ADI

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Is there a way to make .csv to .adi conversion?

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No I wantt to do the contrary, csv to adi, not adi to csv.

Thanks anyway

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Import - export with your logger ?

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Combien y-a-t-il de données, et lesquelles dans votre fichier CSV ?
S’agit-il du fichier chargé depuis la base de données SOTA ?
Is this the file downloaded from the SOTA database ?

You may try this:
This soft is dedicated to the SOTA database format.

73 Alain F6ENO

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Try Proadikon from DL9HO

Barry GM4TOE

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Is there a way to make .csv to .adi conversion?

The problem with your question is that it isn’t really well defined.

The ADIF side of it is OK; there is a specification of how to represent a log in that format, both syntax and semantics.

On the other hand CSV is a generic file format used to represent relational data in a textual format. CSV itself merely defines the syntax, and even within that there are variations such as whether fields are quoted and whether the first line is used to declare field names. It says nothing about how any particular data is to be encoded. An amateur radio log in CSV might choose to encode the band as “80m” or “3.5MHz”, for example. Date and time might be one field or two. And so on. Any CSV to ADIF conversion has to know what it’s dealing with.

The way I deal with this issue is to use Microsoft Access as an intermediary. I have a Perl script which will generate ADIF from my logs stored within the database (or whatever subset I want). Access has powerful import and export facilities including CSV. Faced with a generic CSV file, I’d probably import it into the database and then do any manipulations necessary to coerce it into the structure that my ADIF generator expects. In some cases ad hoc scripts may be needed but usually it can be done in Access.

The difficulty of the task depends on how close the structure of the CSV is to the requirements of ADIF. In some cases it may be a very simple job, in others it will be more work. It all depends on what you actually have.

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thanks all.

Je vais essayer le logiciel Alain. I’ll try Alain’s link, this for SOTA database to ADI.

Merci thanks all!

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You will find here many usefull SOTA tools (such as a CSV to ADIF converter)

Thanks to Mario

Alain F6ENO