How to Activate and SOTA Complete same trip to the Summit!!!

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You will be much more satisfied if you will chase this summit from your home QTH.
Maybe it will not by so “cool” but will be much more genuine :exclamation:

Good luck in SOTA.

73, Jarek


Using your logic I could also activate a peak by going with 4 other ops. Set up 1 foot within the activation zone while the others call you while standing 1 foot outside the activation zone. And then each op steps into the activation zone to get 4 calls. Plus you don’t have to worry about spotting. But is that the purpose of an activation? Not for me. Same for a complete.


I think this type of complete is well outside the true spirit of SOTA and would go as far as saying it should not be allowed. In the strictest sense of the word, it’s not cheating, but in my book it’s not far removed from it.

73 Victor GI4ONL


It’s perfectly legal to do this. Just as you can work a chaser who has multiple callsigns and log each QSO separately. To be brutally honest, nobody really likes doing this but sometimes needs must and you do so. Normally with a view of repeating the activation another time to get a more “honest” set of QSOs.

Considerably more joy is made by making such QSOs in a more typical manner.

As they say… just because you can doesn’t mean you should.


That is another practice that I totally disagree with, but hey ho each to their own !


When I read in the alerts that Greg @K7AGL is doing his first activation in EU on my doorstep… (the summit is only 30km away) I spontaneously decided to surprise him and welcome him.

On his hike back to the station we had contact on 2m (I stayed and activated the summit) and I told him that I will log this qso and he can also enter it as a chaser. He would then have his first summit in EU immediately as a complete…
But he has not logged it until today…what a pity! :blush:

73 Armin

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We have 4 licenced ops in our house and a few extra club calls. All have been used on vhf in the past in various combinations to help a local activator in distress!