How much is 18pts and a new region worth?

I’ll be in OK/KR around October 11-15 activating a number of summits. Some of my targets have an AZ that extends into SP so that means I can wander into SP and activate OK/KR-xxx as SP/M0FMF/P. But there are a few SP/SS summits within easy driving of where I’ll be.

To take my hire car in to SP requires an upfront payment of about 38Euros on top of the hire fee. For that 38Euros extra I can easily add 2x6pts SP/SS summits and the SP/SS to my collection. And if I pull my finger out, probably add another 6pt SP/SS though it’s starting to get dark earlier.

So the question to you world-hopping activators is this would you pay 38EU, $44US, £34 for 12pts and a new region?

From my point of view, there’s no way to find an argument to cost-effectively justify any SOTA related cost, as this is just a hobby and the only expected results are fun and personal satisfaction.
Assuming you’ll have the time and the money to do it, I’d tell you to just do it and get the fun plus the personal satisfaction you’l surely get from it. Forget about cost-effectiveness.
Good luck and I hope to be able to chase you!



Wouldn’t call myself world-hopping but I’d say go for it Andy, it’s a bargain… just cost me north of £200 to get one measly point from a slag heap in my own association :-s

73 de Paul G4MD

Alas conditions not favoring at mo but will listen out for you.
Prob best time is grey line in OK on 40m.


Tough luck if you get there and the weather is too bad for activating - all those beer tokens down the drain! Guru is right!

A valid point Brian. But I don’t have to ask for and pay for outside OK access till I pickup the car so I will know the likely WX by then. If it looks bad I can stick to just OK. If it looks decent I can get it added at that time. My employers (very nice people) are paying for the flights for a business trip so the costs to me for 5 days SOTAing in OK (and maybe SP) is the hire car, petrol, food and hotels.

I’m still kicking myself from a trip to Japan in 2005. I was visiting approx. every 4months for 2weeks with work and had 2 free weekends each trip. It was possible to get the Bullet train from where I was in Yokohama to Hiroshima and back in one day… about 3.5hrs each way. I think then it came to about £270 for the fare which is not insignificant. I was going to go but felt a little under the weather (probably from not eating anything bigger than an Oxo cube for weeks!) and decided I’d go next trip. I came back to the UK and promptly got head-hunted for a new job (lots more money) and haven’t been back to JA since. :frowning:


Do you already have an SP activation from 2016; SP/SZ-010 (Krzyżna Góra 16/Oct/2016), a second SP activation will consolidate your Regions position, but not help you gain a Platinum Mountain Explorer Award Status (are you on 17 associations, or more likely I have miscounted?)

Saying that I would spend the €38 and bag the 18 points. The way Sterling is going it will only cost a lot more in future.



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The answer to your question - is “Yes”.

That is all.

Well the WX looks good so I have “bought” access to Poland.

Here’s a phone camera shot of the sunset from the restaurant in my hotel. Red sky at night etc.

hah, I have on occasion in weak moments attempted to collect expense and tag a dollar per point number for SOTA totals, including travel, food, all of it, I am afraid the $3 or $4 a point you are concerned with doesn’t come close. Go for it.