How heavy is your bag?

Bemused by the thread “How heavy is a microphone?” I wondered just how much my bag weighs when loaded.

So including water, radio, SLAB, antennas, radio stuff, waterproof jacket and trousers, warm layer, hat, gloves, survival stuff/safety stuff but no food the whole kit and caboodle weighs 12kgs.

So does that seem heavy or light compared to your bag?


Mine’s 12kg which includes a “light-weight” deep cycle 12Ah batterie, IC706, 40m dipole, keyer, some ropes and straps. Around 15kg using the 22Ah battery.

73 Norby

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About 8/10K at this end. Both winter and summer. More water for the summmer and more garments for the winter.


Jack (:>J

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Abt 12kg for mine, without water and with two Drifit 2Ah batteries.
73 Alain

My basic kit weighs around 15kg including survival kit (permanently carried regardless of the weather), 3.3AH SLAB, 817 and small 2m linear, mic, headphones, key, HF antenna, cables, etc., but this is with a 4m ally mast and 5 element 2m beam (excludes food and water as this can vary quite a lot). Taking the 12AH SLAB and big 2m linear adds a further 8kg - acceptable when the walk in is short.

Gerald G4OIG

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Including water, Radio, SLAB, Antennas, Radio Coax ext, waterproof
jacket and trousers, warm layer, hat, gloves, survival stuff/safety
stuff but no food the weighs is 12kgs.


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Dependant on wether 817 or 857, linked dipole, 7ah SLAB, coaxes (hf & VHF), palm paddle, very small mobile atu (just in case of problems), guying equipment, emergency repair kit, log pad and pens/pencils. 10.5 to 11kgs.

Not including food/fluids, telescopic pole and sotabeam.


Thanks everyone for the replies. For a moment I had a horrible feeling that everyone else was only taking 3 or 4kgs with them and I was humping a huge great bag about!


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Don’t worry Andy, I activated Great Rhos MW-002 and Beacon Hill MW-010 with a 22kg load. I did have 3 rigs, a heavy duty dipole and RG-213 on board. Needless to say, it was only a one-off!

The reason my bag weighs more than most is that I include some things I carry in my anorak / fleece pockets in the total - mobile phone, GPS, C528 handie (a brick in itself), camera and small field binoculars. The latter guarantee hazy views from any summit! Of course, I started SOTA at 13st 12lbs and now weight 11lbs less, so that’s 5kg less weight for my legs to carry.

73, Gerald