How do I use the "only activated by me option"

I see in the SOTA Mapping Project, Main mapping page, there is an option to either only display summits I have activated or have not as yet activated.

In my case these options are greyed out as you will see below. In any case I wonder how this can work without logging into the SMP site so that it knows who you are - and I can’t find any login option. Are login credentials inherited from another SOTA website or is this a future only option I wonder.

I suspect I may have missed something very obvious but before I pull more of my hair out, I decided to ask.

73 Ed.

You are logged in to maps website so it knows who you are?

No I have not logged into the SOTA Mapping Project website and I can’t see any way to do so. It would make sense that these options are inactive (greyed out) as I have not logged in, but I find no where to log in!


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Hi Ed,
it seems that this functionality has not yet been released. I suggest that you ask Rob DM1CM for the latest news.
When I asked him 3 months ago he responded "as you say, the “summits activated by me” is intended just as a “taster” of what is to come…"
73, Andy

Rob would have to speak to get the full truth, but I suspect it’s tied in with the upcoming release of a single sign-on solution for SOTA, which is currently stalled as we try to wrangle the database (which will be single source of truth) to accept it. Shouldn’t be too far off.

More famous and loaded words were never spoken about a software project. Keep up the good work guys :slight_smile:

A deliberately vague timeline because I know how long we’ve spent so far :smiley:

Hi Ed, as the others have hinted, these options are greyed out because they’re not yet available, but have been enabled in the new version of sotamaps.

The problem with the current version of the SMP is that there is NO access to the records holding details of your (anybody’s) activations/chases (and I’m not going to offer users the opportunity to upload their data to the SMP). Hence, the program cannot say whether you have activated or chased anything, and so cannot filter summits listing based on those data. As Andy DK7MG has mentioned, I’ve left those options in as a taster, or teaser, of things to come.

In the newer version of the SMP, which has been ready to go live for several weeks now, hosted on a server run by the SOTA MT IT dept., the new SOTA single-sign on solution (SSO) which Andy VK3ARR mentioned was integrated and tested several months ago. The site has been load-tested by Andy for at least 50 concurrent users, and the site itself has been used on several occasions by at least one member of the MT for day-to-day use, and seems to be running nicely. Except nobody can use it until the SOTA database SSO is activated.

So, here’s a couple of screenshots of both tab-pages in the main mapping page to whet the appetite…

I’m wondering why you didn’t use the SMP contact form to ask the question (although this is as good a place as any :wink: ) - is the form broken at your end? I tried it just now, and it seems to be working OK from here…



Hi Rob,
I assumed I had missed something and didn’t want to bother you with my mistake. I would probably have sent a direct email or a reflector PM in any case rather than the inquiry form.

OK on the fact that this can only come once the integrated solution is implemented - all understood. In my case I wanted to see which summits, that I know as I’ve activated them, I hadn’t activated this year and should do so to get the points before the end of the year.

At present with the very variable weather I prefer to activate a summit I know rather than possibly face problems accessing an “unknown” (to me) summit. I think these new features would make it very easy for me to see which summits I have activated in a region and then I could check whether my last activation there was this year or not.

73 Ed.

Dear Rob,

thanks for the good news. I am looking forward to the day this will be available - would be a nice Christmas present for the SOTA community.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

I’m Andrew. Andy’s the other guy :slight_smile:

With me going on holidays in a week and a half (until after Christmas), and the need to really bake in some testing on it before we launch, I can’t see Christmas, but early January is possible. Basically we don’t want to make a mistake with logins, as not being able to log in to the database because we missed something in testing means a 500-post reflector thread :slight_smile:

Sadly for Rob, none of this is stalled on him - it’s all on the IT Group from here on in, and we are working hard on it.


Hi Michael, looks like Christmas is out of the question - Easter maybe? :smirk:


Since we’re talking faith based holidays, let’s have a bit more faith in our abilities on this one :smile:

I’m pretty sure you’re all going to get this done much sooner than Easter… :sunglasses: New Year’s Day would be nice, though!

How about Australia Day as a target … only a target mind you. “She’ll be ready when she’s ready”.

73 and thanks for all the work you guys do behind the scenes! Ed